Which decking solution is the best?

For many years, wood has been the go-to decking material for homeowners. The harsh sun and other weather conditions of Adelaide put any decking material to the test. Traditional materials, like wood, require regular maintenance to stay in shape. Otherwise, your Adelaide deck will split or warp. So is wood the best decking solution for your Adelaide house?

At Creative Outdoors, our experience in building outdoor projects across Adelaide made us aware of the best construction materials to use. As suppliers of quality HardieDeck™ decking systems, we found out that it is the most suitable decking material for your Adelaide home.

HardieDeck™ is a decking hybrid material that is specifically designed to enhance the look and feel or your Adelaide outdoor space. Unlike wood, it will not split or warp, which makes it the ideal decking solution for pool surrounds, home entryways, patios, pathways and balconies.

High Durability

Made from a mix of wood pulp, sand and premium fibre cement, HardieDeck™ is engineered with superior quality to be the more durable alternative to timber or plastic composite decking.

Timber decking is expensive to install. It can last up to fifteen years, only if you looked after it and gave it the regular costly maintenance it requires. Otherwise, the timber will deteriorate and rot.

On the other hand, HardieDeck™ stays durable as it ages. With HardieDeck™, you can rest assured that your decking will never warp or splinter. With such a reliable decking material, you do not have to fear something like ‘the spongy deck syndrome’. The cement composition of HardieDeck™ ensures that you will never experience this again with your Adelaide decking.

Safe and Solid

If you want to safely enjoy barbeque parties or fire pits on your Adelaide house deck, then HardieDeck is the ideal decking material for you. Unlike

timber and traditional composite decks, it is non-combustible.

For areas that are prone to dampness and termite activity, HardieDeck™ is a better alternative to other decking materials, as it is rot and termite resistant.

No Visible Nails or Screws

With concealed nails and solid, gap-free boards, HardieDeck™ creates a clean look that connects your interior design with the outdoors of your Adelaide house. The invisible screws make the decking installation process easier and faster.

The splinter-free decking also feels smooth and safe under bare feet. With the wide 19mm thick boards, you will walk, play and run comfortably, without worrying about squeaks or sponginess.

Wide Variety of Colours and Looks

No one can deny that hardwood boards give your decking a unique look. Without regular high maintenance, this amazing wood appeal will not last for long.

By choosing HardieDeck™, you will be granted a long-lasting, low maintenance decking material that you can get in a spectrum of colours. Whether it is a modern look you want, contemporary or heritage, with HardieDeck™, you will find the best shade to complete the style of your decking.

Get the ideal decking solution that suits the Mediterranean climate of your Adelaide house, call us now!