5 Things your Adelaide Home’s carport must have!

With the extreme weather conditions of Adelaide, many homeowners decide to install carports to protect their cars. Carports have other benefits as well that will increase the value of your Adelaide house.

Whatever your reasons are for getting a carport, you have to carefully choose from the variety of designs and materials that are available in the market today. These are the five features you must consider, when evaluating the different types of carports.

Durable and Strong Material

The framework material affects directly the overall strength of carports. It will determine the durability of your carport under the severe weather conditions of Adelaide. With the wide range of framework materials that carports are available in, you need to choose the best quality material that is strong, durable and low maintenance.

At Creative Outdoors, we know how steel carports are more hard-wearing and require a lot less maintenance than any other framework material. That is why all of our carports are made of Australian Bluescope® Colorbond® steel. With five layers of protection technology, Bluescope® Colorbond® steel will make your carport rust, peel and corrosion resistant.

Appealing Look

Carports can enhance the overall appeal of your Adelaide house. To help you choose a carport design that suits your Adelaide home and lifestyle, Creative Outdoors carports are all custom designed. With our wide range of styles, roofing and colour options, we guarantee that your new carport will complement and enhance the look of your Adelaide home.

Appropriate Roofing Design

In Adelaide, carports can be prone to heavy rains. Therefore, you should choose a design that allows rainwater to flow off the roof easily.

The roofing material of carports is just as important as the framework. Creative Outdoors provides you with many roofing options to choose from, such as the traditional Colorbond steel or Solarspan for a ceiling like finish. If you want to get the sunlight trough, you can choose our Polycarbonate sheeting options.

Suitable Size

To choose the best suitable carport size for your Adelaide house, you should consider factors like the space you have and the size of your car. Large carports, for example, are a good choice for you if you enjoy working on your car and need a shaded space that offers good ventilation.

To fit your lifestyle and car size, we offer our customers extra strength structural beams that are engineered to support larger spans of distance between posts. When the posts are set further apart, the risk of hitting your car doors will be reduced.

Correct Installation

No matter what carport style, size or design you choose, carports must be installed by a reputable company to ensure they are installed correctly. Otherwise, carports could collapse from the weight of collected rainwater or get blown over by strong wind storms. That is why carports construction in Adelaide demands beams and posts that are engineered for strength.

At Creative Outdoors, we have over thirty years of experience in