5 Signs you need a new Pergola!

Adding a pergola to your Adelaide home will let you get the most fun out of your property.

A new pergola means having your morning coffee outside and breezing through the newspaper in the fresh air. It means having friends over for an outdoor picnic and playing ball with your children in the summer heat, without getting burned by the sun.

Here are a few signs that you need a new pergola :

Outdoor Living Experience

Pergolas are great to have during the warm Adelaide summer. They provide a defined outdoor area to make the most out of your backyard. Composed of beams, a roof, and occasionally walls, pergolas maintain space open. It truly allows you to feel like you are outdoors while staying protected from the sun. If privacy is what you desire, you can incorporate functional screens or drapes into your pergola design. At creative outdoors, we can build your new favourite spot in your backyard.

You Want Some Quality Active Time With Your Children

If you are preparing to expand your family or already have small children, a Pergola can be the perfect place to spend quality time together. A pergola provides your loved ones with protection from the sun and rain so that they can rest and play without a care in the world. Having a safe and comfortable space helps makes setting up frequent family hang-outs easy and appealing.

You Like to Host Barbecues and Other Outdoor Social Events

A new pergola is especially great for all the hosts out there. It provides the perfect opportunity for outdoor activities, like small dinners and family barbecues. A pergola can give the sheltered space to set up an entertainment lounge, a dining table or outdoor living space to host social gatherings or spend time with the family.

It Can Add Value to Your Home

In real estate, more constructed area means more value. The addition of landscaping and outdoor decorative elements is affordable to do and can pay off significantly in the long term. Consider adding a pergola to your home, especially if you are limited on space. Pergolas are an easy fix to make the most of what you have while improving aesthetics.

Our team at creative outdoors will work with you closely to create the ideal design concept for your home. We bring those designs to life using only the highest quality materials so that your pergola can withstand nature’s challenges and last unharmed through the years.

A Pergola Can Improve Your Home Design

A pergola is a beautiful home addition that can bring more function to your home design. A Creative Outdoors design specialist can help your new pergola seamlessly blend in with your home’s style for a put together look.

There’s no one better prepared to build a pergola for your Adelaide home than our team at creative outdoors. With years of experience and a fantastic gallery of beautifully designed outdoor projects, our customers are right to trust us. Contact us today.