Winter deck maintenance guide

The harsh weather conditions of Adelaide can harm the decking of your property without regular, effective maintenance. Keeping your decking intact throughout the winter months is not an easy task, especially wooden decks. However, a clean, well-maintained decking will forestall expensive repairs and add significant value to your Adelaide house.

Here are some winter decking maintenance tips that will keep your Adelaide deck safe, sound and looking great to enjoy your outdoor living space for years to come:

Give the Decking a Good Sweep

At the beginning of the winter season, sweep up any leaves or branches and hose them off the decking to prevent debris pile-ups and leaf stains, especially in the corners.

Composite decking will not get easily damaged by rain or snow. However, you will still need to regularly sweep away any puddles of water throughout the winter season. It is also critical to periodically check that the nearby gutters and downspouts are in top shape and working smoothly.

To shovel off snow, use a plastic shovel if the snow is too much to handle with a broom only. Make sure to shovel parallel to the direction the decking boards are laid.

Wash the Decking Thoroughly

As the weather in Adelaide gets moderately warm, choose a dry day and apply an appropriate decking cleaning product to kill any mould or bacteria. Use a roller or a sprayer to spread the cleaning solution. For more dirty spots that need scrubbing, you can use a utility brush.

Be aware though that the chemicals in these decking cleaners can harm or kill any nearby plants that are hit with overspray. Before starting with the decking clean-up, you should cover all the plants with a tarp or a plastic sheet. Make sure to drape the cover loosely to allow air circulation.


Using metal shovels instead of plastic ones can damage your Adelaide house decking. The sharp metal edge of the shovel can cause scratches to the decking surface and ruin it.

Spreading sand over the decking to avoid having a slippery surface will cause more harm than good. The sand can grind into the decking, damaging its surface.

At Creative Outdoors, we have a fantastic range of decking boards available. If you prefer hardwood decks, then our durable and beautiful Jarrah or Merbau timber decking will add to your Adelaide house the warm and elegant look you want.

With our Modwood decking, a wood and plastic composite, you will be able to enjoy the look and feel of natural timber, but with a more enduring material that requires less maintenance.

For a modern looking, more practical decking solution, we recommend our high-quality HardieDeck™. These enduring and exceptionally hard wearing decking systems do not require much maintenance. Made out of a mix of wood pulp, sand and cement, these HardieDeck™ decking systems are fire, rot and termite resistant.

To get your Adelaide house a strong, durable decking that does not require much maintenance, call Creative Outdoors today!