How to create a safe Carport for your Car.

One of the best ways to take care of your car is to keep it sheltered when it is parked at your Adelaide house. Carports will provide perfect, cost-efficient protection to your vehicle from the scorching summer sun and the heavy rain in the winter. Additionally, keeping your car parked in carports will protect it from all the outdoor mess created by nearby trees or migrating birds.

Carports would cost you half the money needed to build a garage while providing your car with the same level of protection if they were durable enough to endure the harsh weather conditions of Adelaide.

Strong Beams and Posts

At Creative Outdoors, we know that the construction of carports in Adelaide requires beams and posts that are engineered for strength. That is why all of our carports at Creative Outdoors are made using Australian Bluescope® Colorbond® Steel. These carports are also tested and certified to meet Australian building standards to make sure they can endure the occasional intense wind storms in the metropolitan and country areas.

To provide our Adelaide clients with the best resistance to weathering, the Colorbond beams and posts used in building our carports also have a high gloss, low maintenance finish. Our unique fluted columns, a two-piece double thickness box beam, give our carports a superior strength you will not find with other brands in the Adelaide market today.

Ample Distance between Posts

Safe carports should give cars enough space to enter and exit, without getting scratched from the tightly placed posts. Our extra strength structural beams are engineered to support larger spans of distances between the posts. It allows us to build carports that have posts set further apart, giving you the space you need to park your car conveniently and open the car doors, without hitting them.

Having fewer posts will make the best out of your available outdoor space and also enhance the overall design and appearance of your Adelaide carport and make it look more spacious.

Durable Roof

Carports are supposed to keep cars safe from the harsh weather conditions. It can only be achieved through a strong and durable roof. It will provide shade over your car, during the hot summer days in Adelaide and on those cold, wet, snowy days, it should also keep your vehicle dry and your windscreen clear.

At Creative Outdoors, we have a range of durable carports roofing options that suits all needs. Our Colorbond steel roofs will add a more traditional look to your Adelaide carport, while Polycarbonate sheeting will have a more natural touch that allows the sunlight through. For a ceiling-like finish, choose our Solarspan roofs.

To provide your car with more protection, our experienced carports installers can also fit a roller door and exterior cladding to your Adelaide carport. With the available range of styles, roofing and colour options, you can rest assured our carports will suit any Adelaide home, whether modern or traditional.

Protect your vehicles with strong, durable carports, call us today!