Design a Verandah that suits your lifestyle perfectly!

Now a days home design is all about taking the outdoors, indoors. The more connected your home is to nature, the better. And there’s no better way to make the most out of your Adelaide property than by adding a space than incorporates the outdoors. A verandah is a great way to do so.

Why a Verandah Is The Perfect Addition To Your Adelaide Home?

Verandahs are shaded outdoor extensions of your home full of potential. They can host a wide variety of outdoor living occasions. It’s a space that can truly be anything you want it to be.

A place to read, entertain guests or play with your children, there’s a verandah for every lifestyle. There you can enjoy the outdoor breeze and the warm air in a shaded beautiful area.

Compliment Your Adelaide Property With a Verandah

Verandahs can be attached to any side of your house by simply attaching the additional structure. Every element of the Verandah is matched to your home’s exterior look. This is what allows Verandahs to truly work as an extension to your home.

Verandahs can be built in all shapes and sizes, depending on your home and desired outcome. We offer the widest selection of roofing options including: ceiling-like finish with insulation, corrugated colorbond, double sided flat sheets and true oak. No matter what look you aim for, we have the materials to bring it to life.

Floors, support beams, finishes and décor elements can be all designed to fit your home’s style like a glove! A verandah should never stick out to the eye as a last minute addition, but blend in completely. The goal is to create a Verandah that appears to have been planned since the original house blueprints were made. The only reason why your Verandah will stand out is for its beauty and appeal.

Creative Outdoors For Your Adelaide Verandahs

Creative Outdoors Verandahs are as good as can be. When you invest with us, you can be certain you’re getting a Verandah built to last. Why? We use only the highest quality materials in the construction of our Verandahs.

All of our beautiful verandah designs are fully tested and certified to Australian building standards. We set our verandah’s roofing over the strongest structures out there. Our two-piece double thickness box beams offer unparalleled support when compared to other materials offered in the industry.

Plus, our verandahs are specially engineered to survive varying wind strength levels. This way no matter what the weather throws your way, your verandah will be persist unharmed.

We are confident that, despite the passing years, your verandah will continue to look its best. What allows us to assert this is the quality of our work and materials. We only use Bluescope Colorbond Steel for all of our installation’s beams and posts. This means that the colour won’t fade or change with time or weather. And, due to its high gloss, maintenance is extremely low.

Would you like to build a verandah in your home?

At creative outdoors we have everything you need to improve your Adelaide home. We have the industry experience and the skilled team to make any vision a reality. If you want exceptional results, contact us for more information!