5 Things essential for a backyard makeover.

In a city like Adelaide, where the sun shines over 2500 hours per year, your home life should not be limited to the indoors. Spending time outdoors is essential for your overall health and wellbeing. Therefore, the outdoor space of your Adelaide home should be a place of relaxation and fun. Pergolas, decking, patios are amongst the home improvement projects that could turn any harsh outdoor area into a comfortable, cosy place.


Outdoors, it is critical to have some kind of a shaded space. In Adelaide, the summer sun can be very intense. It is essential to protect yourself from it. Under the shades of pergolas, you can create a dining area, a lounging space or a play area for the kids.

Pergolas provide the perfect outdoor solution for people who want a shaded backyard, without having to sacrifice the view. The open structure of pergolas create an airy, unconfined atmosphere. They will also make your Adelaide backyard look larger.

Outdoor Lights

A lot of people overlook the importance of lighting up their backyard. Without outdoor lights, your Adelaide backyard will not be easily accessible at night. Pergolas with integrated lighting options will add ambiance and improve the overall safety of your backyard.

Comfortable Seating

To enjoy your Adelaide backyard, you must have somewhere comfortable to sit and relax. If you are planning on hosting guests, you have to maximize the seating options. From bench-style seats to comfortable chairs to poufs, depending on how big your Adelaide backyard is. Just make sure the seats you choose are light and easy to carry and store. Do not forget to also include some side tables to put the drinks or snacks on.


During the warm summer months, your Adelaide backyard can become very hot. Even under the shade of pergolas, you would still need to add ceiling fans to stay cool. The fans will get the still air circulating, while also adding a unique look to the pergolas. The airflow of the fans will also keep the mosquitoes away.

Storage Space

All the outdoor seats, cushions, kids toys and gardening tools need to be stored at an outdoor storage space. This way they will be easier to reach and will not also invade the indoors space you have. Some furniture pieces have some storage space inside. Your Adelaide carport can also act as an extra storage space.

At Creative Outdoors, our pergolas, patios, verandahs and carports come in a wide range of material, roof shapes and colour options. Our team can take care of your outdoor improvement project from the initial enquiry through to the final quality inspection.

Whether it is a large Adelaide outdoor kitchen you want or an intimate retreat you are looking for, we can create any outdoor space you desire. Our skilled designers and builders will make sure you get the outdoor makeover you need, while also meeting your budget.

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