How much value will a Pergola add to your home?

Outdoor living spaces are becoming increasingly popular for many homeowners. They are not just limited to houses located in warm climate cities anymore. Thanks to pergolas you can enjoy your Adelaide backyard getaway all year long.

Pergolas are sheltered structures that can be installed in any outdoor area of your Adelaide property.

They create a shaded environment that was previously just used to protect your plants from the harsh weather conditions. Now, pergolas serve other purposes, like giving you the comfortable feeling of an indoor environment outdoors.

Other than providing you and your family with a valuable solution to enjoy a fresh breath of air outdoors, even in extreme weather, pergolas also add value to your Adelaide home and are considered an investment.

Extra Living Space

Most potential buyers will evaluate a house based on the amount of living space it offers. They will regard a well-designed outdoor area as an additional living space that will enable them to enjoy their family activities or hold events outside during any month of the year.

Even stand-alone pergolas that are built separately with no connection to the house will increase the value of your Adelaide home. They are still added to the amount of living space that affects the selling price of any house.

Protect Your Plants from Extreme Weather Conditions

Having a garden-like shaded outdoor space automatically increases the value of your Adelaide property. Pergolas protect plants from extreme weather conditions and also provide excellent support for different climbing plants to grow safely. It will attract buyers who love gardening and plants.

Growing plants up and over pergolas will also add a burst of greenery and a unique touch of beauty to the overall look of your Adelaide house.

Add a More Appealing Look to Your Adelaide Home

A beautiful pergola right outside your Adelaide house will add an aesthetic appeal to it. Potential buyers examine the garden and backyard areas of any house to check how efficient they are used.

Well-designed pergolas that are placed right in front of the house will be the first thing people see and will lay an excellent foundation to attract more buyers.

As tempting as it might be to make the pergola your next DIY project, it is essential that you hire a professional company to install it instead. It will ensure the pergola is built of high-quality materials and installed correctly.

At Creative Outdoors, our pergolas are made of Australian Bluescope® Colorbond® Steel to grant you high-durability and strength. We have different designs and colours to suit and blend in with the look of any Adelaide house.