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Creative Heat Vent

New exclusive design by Creative Outdoors.

This is a Verandah, Pergola & Carport first. The team at Creative Outdoors has developed a unique product that will assist in heat removal from your pitched gable verandah or carport.

Based on old and industrial technology, we have taken the traditional Ventridge used in a common factory and made it aesthetically pleasing without compromising the performance.

It is working with the simple physics of hot air rising and in South Australia, we get some very hot days. Even a mild day will heat up the steel roof and create radiant heat. With a traditional Gable or pitched verandah, this hot air gets trapped on the inside. Ceiling fans are often used to circulate the air but unfortunately when it’s hot air all they are doing is blowing the hot air down and around and not actually removing the hot air.

Heat Vent

We have cleverly created a cavity for this hot air to rise and escape under the ridge. Simple science at its best. It is designed to provide a flow of fresh air without the use of any mechanical support.

There has for a long time had similar solutions by using other products such as whirlybirds – these work great but look unsightly from underneath. Imagine investing a considerable amount to have an unsightly round hole cut into your True Oak corrugated iron and to see this round vent spinning and commonly squeaking in rotation.

The old industrial Ventridge is good in performance however comprising visual aesthetics. You also lose the ability to have LED downlights through the centre ridge. With the new Creative Heat Vent, you are still able to install downlights and fans in a sealed light tray.

The Creative Heat Vent is designed to keep the visual appearance. It is custom-made to length, so it always fits clean. The Creative Heat vent has a slimline finish and is not a large unsightly addition to your home. Double-sided coloured Nexteel is also used to make sure both the underside and top side of your Verandah or carport all matches.


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