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Colorbond ® – 100% BlueScope Steel


Roofing also commonly known as cladding, made from COLORBOND® steel makes perfect sense.


Strong, secure and energy smart, it looks great and delivers outstanding, long life performance. And with 20 designer colours in the standard range, you can choose a roof colour for your verandah or carport to suit both traditional or modern style homes.


Choosing a Profile

As well as coming in a wide range of designer colours, roofing made from COLORBOND® steel is available in a range of profiles (or shapes).


The profile is imparted onto steel during a process called rollforming. This process is carried out by specialist roofing manufacturers, known in the building trade as rollformers. This product rolls accurately for a seamless finish. Our Supplier has two brand new corrugating machines with perfect profile. The curving rolls perfectly match the corrugations for a seamless steel roofing finish.


The most familiar profile, or shape, is corrugated. Although it’s been around since the 19th century, corrugated is just as popular today, giving contemporary home extensions a distinctly Australian look and feel.


Corrugated Profile 16mm


Rev 5 Profile


Energy efficiency Roofing

Sustainable design is all about designing and building Verandahs that have a reduced impact on the environment. That means, in part, using long life materials that are recyclable and low maintenance.


Using thermally efficient roofing materials like COLORBOND® steel can help you reduce your cooling costs. In summer, a lightweight insulated roof made from COLORBOND® steel causes less heat to be radiated into your home at night. That’s because steel has a low thermal mass, so it cools down fast once the sun is off it.


In winter the same steel roof, properly insulated, helps keep the heat inside. The choice of colour can also influence thermal performance. Lighter colours, in particular, radiate less heat during summer.


COLORBOND® steel now includes Thermatech® technology, enhancing its position as the energy efficient roofing material.


Double Sided Corrugated Colorbond®

  • Classic Cream top side –with- Classic Cream Gloss underside
  • Classic Cream top side – with – Thredbo White underside
  • Woodland Grey top side –with- Classic Cream Gloss underside
  • Monument top side –with- Classic Cream Gloss underside
  • Manor Red top side –with- Classic Cream Gloss underside
  • Paperbark Top side – with – Paperbark Gloss underside
  • Paperbark Top side – with Thredbo White Gloss underside
  • Woodland Grey Top side – with – Paperbark Gloss underside
  • Ironstone top side – with – Paperbark Gloss underside
  • Surfmist top side – with – Thredbo White underside.
  • Jasper top side – with – Classic cream under side.
  • Jasper top side – with – Paperbark underside.

Plus Single sided Roof Colours – refer to full Colorbond Range